About Us

About the Founder
Stephan C. Austin is a designer with a keen eye for detail, born and raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He has an intuitive sense of style and a love for colors of all varieties. As a designer he believes that fashion starts in your heart. Clothing should evoke a feeling of confidence and inspire greatness. When you become a part of the FLY AT HEART family, know that every detail has been selected to bring out your inner “FLY.”
A message from the founder of FLY AT HEART

Ever since I was a little kid, I always had this desire to coordinate and put clothes together to match my shoes. I would watch my oldest brother sneak in new Jordans and Nikes here and there that I couldn’t afford and see how he would rock them. I also spent a lot of time watching my second oldest sister while she got dressed, and I would see how she matched her Gap hoodie to her Chuck Taylor sneakers. She had all kinds of other exclusive pieces from the latest popular brands. I was so into fashion at an early age; I always had impeccable taste and took extra care with my gear. I remember how I spent hours putting together looks, and I would iron everything in advance. Let’s just say I had the flyest outfits for camp back in the day. I remember my sister had this one pair of gray and white low-top Nikes that I could fit into, so you know I had to ask to borrow them because I had the perfect gray polo short sleeve to match it. Fast forward a few years, now I’m doing this all through elementary, then middle school and high school, but with my own spin to it, to the point I’m now known for being fly.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own designer brand and having stores all over the world. So after years of planning and not being able to find the right resources to get everything the way I want. I finally bring to you the FLY AT HEART brand. Where everyone can channel and let out the fly they never knew they had with every custom handmade piece we have to offer. When you first get a look at the packaging it will Immediately make you smile. And when you’re out wearing FLY AT HEART, you will feel like you can accomplish anything while turning heads and getting stopped all around your city.